Ik vind het idee heel leuk en Sarah Michelle Gellar is en blijft mijn lievelingsactrice.


2.jpgHow many times have you wanted to get your kids into the kitchen, but had no idea where to start? Well, that’s why we, Galit Laibow, Gia Russo and Sarah Michelle Gellar created Foodstirs.  A culinary lifestyle brand that offers convenient, delicious and healthier ways to bring families together in the kitchen.

1.jpgBeing busy mothers of two, Galit and I were always searching for fun family activities that didn’t involve a park or indoor playground (and something educational was always a bonus!).  Often times, we chatted about our fondest childhood memories and for both of us, it was the moments spent in the kitchen baking. The excitement of cracking an egg, decorating cookies and of course, licking the spoon! There were no computers, no phones, no TV — just a rare opportunity to connect and create memories.

3.jpgWe wanted to create those moments again with our kids, but were quickly frustrated by the time it took to plan, and by the lack of quality, clean labeled AND delicious baking options on the market.  So we set out on a mission to turn our mutual love for baking into products that not only deliver easy hands-on culinary fun but also products that are high quality and amazingly delicious.

4.jpgWe called on our good friend Gia Russo, a former creative and product expert from Martha Stewart, to help us on our mission. Together, we spent many long nights perfecting our recipes and our kids spent many days testing! We created this company to not only bring you high quality, premium, better for you products but to give you an experience that you will enjoy with your family and friends.  Simply put, we want to make baking fun, easy, healthy and delicious!

5.pngWe are very proud and excited to share Foodstirs with all of you.  We hope you cherish the family moments and always remember to laugh at your mistakes and celebrate your kitchen accomplishments!

Happy baking from our family to yours!

– Galit, Gia & Sarah Michelle





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