Huntenpop 2016

afgelopen vrijdag was het weer Huntenpop en ik ben toen met een vriendin geweest. toen traden er een aantal coverbands op waaronder die van Rammstein, de Spice Girls en Queen.



the Band Perry

Ik heb deze band leren kennen dankzij een collega van mij. dit zegt Wikipedia over hun:

The Band Perry is an American country group composed of siblings Kimberly Perry (lead vocals, guitar, piano), Reid Perry (bass guitar, background vocals), and Neil Perry (mandolin, drums, accordion, background vocals).

Uncle Bard & the Dirty Basterds

vrijdagavond in het cafe een leuk bandje leren kennen die ik moest delen met jullie. Uncle Bard & the Dirty Basterds is een Italiaanse band die Ierse muziek maken.

During the last two decades, a lot of our friends left Italy to search for a new life in Ireland, a sort of promised land due to high salaries and good opportunities. So, years before the Polish invasion, Dublin was fecking full of noisy Italians… Don’t know how it’s possible that Irish people didn’t hate us all! Anyway, during those years we started collecting money and traveling once a month to Ireland, to meet old friends living there and spending the weekends rambling around and enjoying Irish music, culture and people.
Day by day we found there what we were searching for our entire life, something that would change us forever. That’s how we fell in love with and learn Irish music.

We put up a band, a few songs… With no expectations or plans. Twas the 2007. We don’t know why and we don’t how but it worked and people liked it! In a few years we played almost everywhere, getting through rock venues, massive celtic and rock festivals but also hazy pubs, mountain huts and more. We shared the stage with the worldwide famous celtic-punk band Dropkick Murphys (USA) in Milan and Turin, then played with international traditional artists like De Danann (IRE), Four Men and A Dog (IRE), Beoga (IRE), The Moorings (FRA) but also rock acts such as Volbeat (DEN) or Jamie Clarke’s Perfect (ex-Pogues, UK). On 2012 we started a busking tour through Ireland, Wales and England joining local musicians, singing old-time stories at the corner of the streets and coming back home astonished for the unbelievable audience’s response. When Luca Crespi (Uilleann Pipes, tin whistle, Irish flute), founder of Inis Fail and one of the most known and respected musician in Irish Traditional Music, joined the band, we made a further step forward, expanding our repertoire and recording “Up the Bastards” EP in 2013 and then the full-length album “Get The Folk Out!”. So here we are, after years… still roving, still playing. And surely… too old to stop now.

Instagram media acrazylady - Samen met de zanger van uncle bard & the dirty basterds die gisteren bij ons in de stad optraden. Een groep italianen die ierse muziek maken. Ze zijn erg goed. Check hun op youtube.