Booktuber: priceiswong

 Hi there! My name is Jessica and I’m 21 years old. I’m currently a full time student studying English!  I’m lucky enough to be married to my best friend, Jake, and we live with my two sweet kitties, Audrey and Fantasia, as well as our (huge) puppy, Piper!
I enjoy spending time with friends and family, but I’m a bit of a loner. I really enjoy reading (which is the biggest component of my YouTube channel, priceiswong) I enjoy watching tv and movies, but I like being outside the most. Taking long walks and visiting new trails and parks is one of my favorite things to do. Jake and I both try to lead a healthy lifestyle and are moderately active, but I’m no athlete that’s for sure.
I’ve grown up in Missouri my whole life, but can’t WAIT to explore more of the world with Jake. Together we’ve gone to Florida, Arizona, Illinois, and have many plans for the future! I would love to leave the US and travel to England one day, so Jake and I have started a jar  where we are going to be taking out small portions of each check to add to it. I can’t WAIT to travel!
In January of 2013, I joined the booktube community. This is a small (not so small anymore) group on YouTube where people that all share a love of reading talk about books. Some, like myself, started because we lack friends that also read in our daily lives. Now we are able to talk about our favorite books to our hearts content.
ik volg haar alleen via YouTube maar ze heeft ook een blog.

booktuber : ReadingMissFroggy

pas toen ik haar boekenkast zag had ik door dat ze een Nederlandse meid was want aan haar accent hoorde ik het niet. dit zegt ze over haarzelf:

Hi there and welcome to my booktubing channel!

My name is Maud, I’m a Dutch 23 year old girl with a passion for reading (love young adult, fantasy, classics and horror books!) and since I also like to talk about them I have decided to start my own booktubing channel!

Hang around, subscribe/comment/like and let’s talk about books!

booktuber : readbyzoe

dit zegt ze over haarzelf:

My name is Zoë and I am an 18 year old college freshman who doesn’t get nearly enough sleep. I also have a slight book obsession and would like to share it with the world.


ik vind haar filmpjes gewoon heel erg leuk.

bookTubers: booksandquills

ik ben graag op YouTube en een van de dingen die ik daar doe is filmpjes kijken van BookTubers. ik zal jullie laten zien welke BookTubers ik oa volg.

booksandquills is Sanne en dit zegt ze over haarzelf.

Hi. My name is Sanne. I’m a 25-year old graduate with an MA in English translation and literature. I moved from the Netherlands (where I was born) to London, where I’m currently working as Digital Coordinator at Hot Key Books.

ze doet niet alleen bookhauls, reviews maar ook filmpjes over nederlandse dingen. ze spreekt wel engels.